To be impactful is to be accountable for our own wellbeing. 


The Approach


When we are at our best self– taking into account the physical, mental and emotional we are able to fully function at optimal capacity. In todays day and age we are compelled to do more in order to succeed based on what can be measured tangibly. Unfortunately, this modeled behavior eventually leads to neglect of health and a domino effect to other unfavorable circumstances and conditions. At we believe Health = Wealth leading to success personally defined. By understanding that currency comes in many forms by various means. This includes not just how financially secure but how we are able to maintain our own enthusiasm, well as maintaining and affecting positivity for others around us. With this foundation in mind we are capable being as agent of change. 

We encourage individuals to cultivate the "space within". What does that mean? That is taking charge of our own wellbeing. A personal assessment–  of how tense or relax within the body, rigid or flexible/open our thinking, and the likely hood of quick to judge vs remaining non-reactive and neutral in what is presented. This mind/body connect shapes our behavior therefore influencing the inner perception, hence affect what appears in our outer reality. 

By understanding the baseline of where we are at the moment will give the proper starting point for each individual. This starting point of knowing our true essence we develop core values which will inform an inner guiding compass to meet those harrowing circumstances and difficult decisions. The first step is be compassionate and meet where we are at this very moment. 



We are all unique. By knowing our inherent talent and realizing our weakness(es) we can then be responsible and proactive to learn new tools on our own, network with others, enroll with an institution or launch a new passion project that we have been thinking about. Once we have the energy and the inner desire is compelled to manifest . . . nothing will be in the way to stop you because you have developed discipline and laser focused energy to eventually lead you to your end goal. I work with both individual and group settings to facilitate the process in following ways:

  • I initiate the work by holding a safe space for dynamic individual or group sharing
  • Help clients understanding the baseline and their current condition how they operate
  • Personalized exercise to resolve and add clarity to understand the motivations or lack of which includes exercise to unlearn/learn, and thoughtful experimentations 
  • We track progress, reflect, share insights, iterate/adjust from the learning
  • Lastly, draw our own conclusion of the experience



Having will become natural once we are comfortable with being and accepting of the moment to moment. Most importantly is to have unwavering confidence in all and everything we do. We will always have by doing things that resonate with our truth because the inner-self and outer-doing is in harmony. The harmony allows the feeling of contentment; all that is complete.  What is put forth with intention and dedication will be rewarded in full to its rightful owner. The only thing is to understand the timing of when and how this having will manifest itself which is to continually be in the present. The secret is to enjoy the making, which encompasses the doing/non-doing, moment to moment with out expectation as though you already have it. Last but no least . . . nothing is worth having without major effort. The quality of result will alway be equated to the amount that is put in. 


“Small changes,

Big impact,

Sustainable growth.”

Nga nguyen  |  founder


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